Next Meeting 7:30pm, Monday 27th Nov

Martin Griffiths BSc, MSc, FRAS

Martin Griffiths, BSc, MSc, FRAS
Will be talking on the topic:-

Mars – A typical planet for Life?

There are currently 10 missions exploring Mars, 2 surface rovers looking for signs of life, 1 helicopter and 7 in orbit.  The Chinese rover, Zhurong, is not active at the moment.
As Spock is alleged to have said; “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”.
Along with the current interest in a manned mission that is being developed it seems like an opportune time to look at Mars in a bit more detail.

There will be a buffet provided for the season so, if you have not yet done so perhaps you can let me know if you are coming so Carol can organise for numbers.
Usual place, upstairs in the Hen & Chicks.