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12th January 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Nick Busby   :   String theory vs Loop quantum gravity

26th January 2015   :    AAS talk   :   Alan Cruttenton – retired rocket scientist   :   The Rosetta Mission to Comet 67P

9th February 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Nick Busby   :   How Quantum gravity is changing the way physicists think the Universe started

23rd February 2015   :    AAS talk   :   Ray Cassar – Techniquest, Cardiff   :   Globular Clusters and secrets of the formation of stars and galaxies

9th March 2015   :   The Abergavenny Astronomical Society AGM    :   also talk    :   The New Horizons Mission to Pluto and the Kuiper belt

23rd March 2015   :   AAS talk    :   Prof Steve Eales, Cardiff University    :   The top 10 discoveries of the Herschel Space Observatory – the ESA infra-red telescope that operated  from July 2009 until June 2013

13th April 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group    :   Kevin Houston    :   Black Holes: Do they mark the edge of Space? – Basics plus a look at Polchinski’s theory

27th April 2015   :   AAS talk    :   Nick Busby    :   Astrolabes to Planispheres – 2000 years of finding our way amongst the stars plus a practical demonstration on how to use a planisphere and a telescope viewing session

11th May 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group    :   Kevin Houston    :   Recent news items plus “How did we end up here?” a brief look at the evolution of, and possible futures for the cosmos.

18th May 2015   :   AAS talk    :   Dr Chris North, Cardiff University, School of Astrophysics and Astronomy & UK Herschel Outreach Officer     :   “Herschel Space Observatory” – it’s scientific discoveries and its legacy.

8th June 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group    :  Keith Young   :   Recent news items  :  “The Biocentric Universe” – looking at the alternative cosmology theories of Robert Lanza MD.

22nd June 2015   :    AAS Talk    :  Nick Busby    :   .

14th September 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group    :  Kevin Houston   :   Recent news items  :  “Gravitons – What are they & do they exist?” – a quick look at the development of gravitational theory.

28th September 2015   :   AAS Talk    :  Andy Burns, Wiltshire AS, co-director of the Griffon Educational Observatory in Andalucía   :   Andy talked about the life and works of one the most important influences in 19th century science, Sir John Hershel.

12th October 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group    :  Gene Kent & Kal Sarwar  :  Recent News items  :  Gene & Kal introduced the topic of “Current & Near future Propulsion Technologies”

26th October 2015   :    AAS Talk    :  Nick Busby  :  Description of how analysis of meteorites can provide evidence and a timescale for the formation of our solar system.  Complete with meteorite samples.

9th November 2015   :   Cosmology Study Group    :  Kevin Houston & Nick Busby  :  Spectroscopy for beginners  :  Looking at the theory, practice and interpretation of astronomical spectra.

23rd November 2015   :    AAS Talk    :  Dr Rhodri Evans, Cardiff University, School of Physics and Astronomy  :  Will be talking about the NASA/German project, SOFIA, and the instrument he has been involved with, HAWC (High Resolution Wideband Camera).  SOFIA is a airborne observatory, based on a Boeing 747-SP.  It is primarily an IR telescope but also carries out observations at other frequencies.  First Light was 2010 and it has an expected lifetime of 25 years.

7th December 2015   :    Joint Christmas Function with Usk AS and Heads of the Valleys AS (HoVAS)

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