2011 Archive


10th January 2011 Ray Cassar The Solar System – Stellar Types 1

 7th February 2011 A workshop with telescopes and the inaugural AGM

7th March 2011 A Small Charities Consititution was adopted Dr Martin Griffiths ‘Universe or Multiverse?’

4th April 2011 Huw Price An Introduction to the  History of Astronomy

5th April 2011 An illustrated article about the society appeared in the South Wales Argus

9th May 2011 David P Thomas Saturn and its Moons

12th May 2011 Usk AS held a formal opening for its new observatory and members of Abergavenny AS joined in the celebrations

6th June 2011  Dr Paul Roche Impacts from Comets and Asteroids

27th June 2011 David Thomas of Usk AS Planetarium and a talk on Observing Techniques.

12th September 2011 Ray Cassar Stellar Types 2

10th October 2011 Mike Thomas Lunar Observing

9th October2011 Abergavenny Environment Fair Abergavenny AS joined with Usk AS and HOVAS to host a stand

22nd October 2011 Abergavenny AS held a Dark sky viewing on top of the Blorenge which was followed by a talk and a session with the Usk AS Planetarium in a hall in Llanfoist in connection with the Monmouthshire Walking Festival

 7th November 2011 Nick Busby Radio Astronomy

5th December 2011 Social Evening  with Usk AS and HOVAS Gentle Jim on guitar and a buffet

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