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7th January 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   Nick Busby and Stuart Keenor   :   ‘Using and Choosing Telescopes’

21st January 2013   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Keith Williams   :   Lost Lithium

4th February 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   Ray Cassar from USK AS   :   ‘Gravitational Lensing’

18th February 2013   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Nick Busby   :   An Introduction to Space-Time

4th March 2013   :   AAS Annual General Meeting followed by a talk – Roger Butler  from Cardiff AS –  ‘Astronomy – The Ultimate Question: Why on Earth do we do it?’   This was a wide ranging presentation of the ways in which we interact with astronomy, what we do about it and how it relates to the people we are.  It provoked both thought and debate.

7th March 2013   :   Members of Abergavenny AS, Usk AS and HOVAS met at Llanthony Priory for an event hosted by Julia Bradbury for the BBC TV show Countryfile.  It was broadcast on Sunday 24th March.  pm.   Ruth Coulthard from the Brecon Beacons Park Authority and Martin Griffiths from Pontyprydd University also featured.

18th March 2013   :   Comology Study Group   :   Nick Busby   :

8th April 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe, Cardiff   :   ‘The evidence for our cosmic ancestry’

22nd April 2013   :   Comology Study Group   :   Tony Pearce   :    ‘The Uncertainty Principle’

13th May 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   Prof Mike Edmunds   :   ‘When will we discover other life in the Universe?’

1oth June 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   Dr Adam Mosely   :   The Copernican Question

1st July 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   Dave Powell   :   Binocular Astronomy

2nd September 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   John Mallett   :   Those wonderful images of the Orion Nebula – How do they do it?

16th September 2013   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Kevin Houston   :   Early history of cosmology

30th September 2013   :   AAS Talk   :   Dr Fraser Lewis   :   ‘Quasars, Microquasars, Neutron Stars and Jets’

14th October 2013   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Kevin Houston   :   Cosmology since the CMB, 1965

28th October 2013   :   AAS talk   :   Dr Chris North, Cardiff   :   The history and evolution of the universe – The ESA Planck mission

12th November 2013   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Nick Busby   :   Sub atomic particles

25th November 2013   :   AAS talk   :   Alan Cruttenden   :   The dynamics of Saturn’s rings and the interplanetry superhighway

9th December 2013   :   AAS Social evening



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