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20th January 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Kevin Houston (Keith Williams)   :   Astrobiology

27th January 2014   :    AAS talk   :   Nick Busby   :   “Then & Now”, Robert Bell and the impacts of the Victorians on Astronomy and Cosmology

17th February 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   John Mallett   :   “Light-what is it?”, including a demonstration of the Double-Slit experiment

24th February 2014   :   AAS talk   :   Prof Mike Disney, Cardiff   :   Galaxies and common sense cosmology

17th March 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Gavin Creyke   :   The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Chile.

24th March 2014   :   The Abergavenny Astronomical Society AGM.

14th April 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group   :   Robert Gladstone   :   Gravitational Waves

28th April 2014   :   AAS talk   :   Dr Rhodri Evans, Cardiff   :   Mt Wilson Observatory, USA

12th May 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group  :  Kevin Houston   :   Spectra and Redshift

19th May 2014   :   AAS talk  :  Nick Busby   :   Imaging Solar system objects

16th June 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group  :  Sid Fewster   :  Dark Matter – an update:  looking at developments since we last covered this topic in 2012

23rd June 2014   :   AAS talk  :  David Thomas FRAS & Tony Pearce  :  Sunspots and other solar phenomena; what they are, what causes them and how do we know when we are in a period of maximum activity.

 15th September 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group  :  Nick Busby (for John Mallett)   :  The observation and use of cepheid variables and supernova for measuring the size of the universe.

29th September 2014   :   AAS talk  :  Martin Griffiths, Uni of S Wales  :  Our nearest stars.  :  Plus a practical – telescope observation from the car park.

13th October 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group  :  Tim von Pokorny  :  The formation of the solar system.

27th October 2014  :  AAS talk  :  Nick Busby  :  Twinkle Twinkle little star – a look at the life of stars, from their birth, through their varied lives and final, sometimes dramatic demise, using the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, and images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

10th November 2014   :   Cosmology Study Group  :  

24th November 2014  :  AAS talk  :  Dr Rhodri Evans, Cardiff  :  Discovering the Cosmic Microwave Background – mistakes and missed opportunities.

8th December 2014  :  AAS Social evening with Usk AS and HoV AS.


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