What is a “Galacton”?

The word dreamed up by ZME Science to describe the rotation period of the galaxy, like the year is the time for the earth to rotate around the sun. 

This comes from the observation that all galaxies seem to rotate about once every billion years, irrespective of the size or mass.  As Professor Gerhardt Meurer, from […]

Want an Astronomy Book?

We have had a number of Astronomy books donated to the club.  I will bring them along to the AGM on the 12th March. Come along and see if there is anything that interests you.  All donations will go to club funds.  First come first served.

Title Author Pub.   Subject Quantum Manjit Kumar […]

March Meetings

Advance notice of this month’s meetings:-

Monday 12th March  :  The AAS Annual General Meeting

Monday 26th March  :  Professor Jonathan I Davies of the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University will be talking about “Dark Galaxies”.

Usual time and venue, 7:30pm at the Kings Head, Abergavenny.  All are welcome.

Budding Astro-photographers

Got any stunning photographs?  The Royal Museums Greenwich is looking for entries for what they call the “world’s greatest astrophotography competition”. Entries close 9th March.  More details at this LINK.

2018 meetings programme

The schedule for 2018 has now been posted on the website.

Also note the “Next Meeting” post for the 26th Feb was posted over the weekend.

Next Meeting : Monday 26th February, 2018

The next AAS meeting will be on the topic of January’s “Sky at Night” programme,

The Invisible Universe


The currently accepted model of the universe suggests that normal stuff, that is me, you, the earth, the planets, stars etc, comprises only 5% of the total; the rest is Dark Something or Other.



Next meeting is Monday 12th February, Beginner’s guide to the solar system

The next meeting of the astronomy society is on Monday 12th February.  We will have another “back to basics” session with a beginner’s guide to the solar system.  Using some very cool software, that models the solar system and beyond in beautiful 3D, we fly to each of the planets in turn and other objects […]

Monday 8th January – Back to basics

For all those that got shiny new binoculars for Christmas or even a telescope or for those just starting out in astronomy, this session is to help you find your way around the night sky, identify constellations and patterns in the stars and remember them.  Finding your way around the sky is a skill that […]

Meeting Dates – January 2018

Meeting dates in January are scheduled for the 8th and 22nd. 

On the 8th Nick will be giving a talk on the series of “Basic Topics”. The annual combined Societies party bash (AAS, Usk AS and HoVAS) will be on Monday the 22nd in the Kings Head. 

Further info […]

Next Meeting : Monday 11th December, 2017

This meeting was cancelled due to the weather

At our next meeting we will be having mince pies & mulled wine to mark the season.

The topic will be  :  “Where has everything come from?” We already know where little boys and little girls come from – slugs & snails : sugar & spice – […]