Next virtual meeting of Abergavenny Astronomy Society is Thursday 29th October

The next virtual meeting of Abergavenny Astronomy Society is Thursday 29th October at 7pm.  The subject will be the night sky in November.  Now we have the dark nights winter is well and truly with us and weather permitting this gives us even more opportunities at more social hours to go out stargazing.  Mars is […]

Next meeting of the Society is Thursday 15th October at 7pm by Zoom

The next meeting of the Society is Thursday 15th October at 7pm by Zoom.  Bob Wright from Usk Society will present on the planet Venus.  Venus is presently an early morning object, it rises in the east in the constellation of Leo,  before the Sun at around 4 am.  For those early birds it is […]

Mars at its closest

Mars is currently at its closest point to the Earth and will not get closer for around 17 years, so now is the ideal time to observe it.  Technically it was at its closest point on the 6th October but it reaches its opposition – that is when the Sun, the Earth and the planet […]

Next virtual meeting is Thursday 1st October

The next virtual meeting of the Society will be at 7pm on Thursday the 1st October.

Mars is presently at it very best for observing and will be like that for the coming weeks.  A combination of various factors mean that it will not be as easy to observe from our northern latitudes for many […]

Next virtual meeting 17th September, 7pm

This Thursday we will have another virtual meeting of the Society along with members from Usk Astronomical Society.  This will be another in the back to basics type talks, this time on an absolute beginners guide to astrophotography. 

Astrophotography is a large and complex subject that can also be very costly in equipment, but like […]

Meeting this Thursday 3rd September

There will be a Zoom meeting of Abergavenny Astronomy Society, joined with Usk Astronomy Society this Thursday evening at 7 pm.  The details for joining the meeting are below, just click on the link.  David Thomas from Usk will lead a discussion on various hot topics/ recent news in astronomy.

If you have not joined […]

DIY stargazing

Although the good weather seems to have taken a turn for the worst and the Perseid meteor show was pretty effectively clouded out, clear skies will surely return and you may want to try the following podcast that describes some simple things to look for in the August/ September skies.   The planets Jupiter and Saturn […]

Naked eye Comet 2020 F3 (NEOWISE)

Comet 2020 F3 (NEOWISE) is one of  the brightest naked eye comets we have seen from this part of the world for some years.  In the past couple of weeks it has been delighting amateur photographers as a pre-dawn object but for the night-owls (as opposed to the early birds) you will be pleased to […]

Some Topics

Our last meeting was in March and it is clear that nothing is going to happen before our regular “summer break”.  Hopefully come September/October the situation will be clearer and we will have an indication of the AAS restart date. In the meantime I thought I’d share 3 items I’ve read in the last couple […]

Mercury & Starlink : (26th May)

Had a look to see if I could spot Mercury the other evening.  Unfortunately, from my location the Blorenge is “to high in the sky”!

Nick posted about the Starlink Satellites on the 20th April and suggested that observational astronomers are not happy with the potential interference.  Starlink aim to have around 1,600 satellites in […]