Mercury & Starlink : (26th May)

Had a look to see if I could spot Mercury the other evening.  Unfortunately, from my location the Blorenge is “to high in the sky”!

Nick posted about the Starlink Satellites on the 20th April and suggested that observational astronomers are not happy with the potential interference.  Starlink aim to have around 1,600 satellites in […]

Looking for the messenger of the gods

Mercury can be an elusive planet, it is not very bright and is always near to the Sun so in twilight.  It can also be dangerous to look for if you have not let the Sun set.  However for those that have never seen it now is your chance.  This evening (22 May) it will […]

Planet 9 – What are you? (PhysicsWorld 19th May)

Pluto may have been demoted from planet status back in 2006 but astronomers are still trying to explain the orbits of a number of other Kuiper Belt objects which are in highly elliptical orbits.

Whilst searches for a conventional “Planet Nine” have proved unsuccessful so far a report in Physics World, dated 19th May, […]

The Galilean Moons

Worried about Corona Virus?  Desperate for a summer holiday?  Looking for somewhere off the beaten track, not over-run by tourists and Corona free?

An article on the Astrobites website looks at the possibility of the Galilean moons as potential possibilities.

I have posted the astrobites article on the “general Items” page ( HERE ) and […]

Going globular!

It goes without saying that for the time being our regular meetings are cancelled but that is no reason to stop stargazing.  Spring is the time for amateurs to observe galaxies, as they are particularly well placed in the southern sky at this time of year.  However galaxies do need a bit of experience to […]

Starlink satellite train

Some members may have seen a string of satellites over South Wales last night at around 9:22 BST.  it was of course the satellite train of Starlink.  It should be clear tonight and there is another opportunity to see it at 9:58 this evening (20th April 2020).  It will last for 6 minutes, the train […]

Starting stargazing

We have recently had a patch of dry sunny weather with clear skies, let’s hope it continues.  If you want to do a bit of stargazing but really do not quite know where to start you may find the following document helpful.  It is not for the experienced observer but for those that feel like […]

Globe at Night, measuring light pollution

Light pollution is the scourge of amateur astronomers and lovers of a beautiful starry sky alike.  Now you can take part in a global survey where no experience or special equipment is required.  Simply click on the link below to find out more details about the survey and how you can get involved and the […]

Next meeting on the 23rd March is cancelled

Owing to the present situation concerning the COVID-19 (Corona) virus it has been decided to cancel the next meeting of the Abergavenny Astronomy Society that was due to take place on the 23rd March. The next meeting after that should be on the 27th April, after Easter. Members will be advised near the time if […]

Are we living in the Matrix? CANCELLED

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled owing to concerns over the Corona virus.

This is the intriguing topic of a lecture by Professor David Tong from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University.  The lecture is at 3:00 pm on Friday 20th March 202 in the Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea […]