New Year Party, 22nd January, Regency 59, Abergavenny



Please see below the menu for the New Year Party at the Regency 59 restaurant in Abergavenny on the 22nd January.  The price will be £20 per head, which does not include drinks.  Everyone welcome including wives, husbands, partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, best mate…..

Please indicate to Carol ( if you would like to […]

Don’t forget, next meeting Monday 8th January

We welcome in the New Year with a session to help ease you into observing the stars; back to basics, how to identify constellations and remember them and how to find the elusive objects within them.  Whether you observe with binoculars, a telescope or just a mark 1 eyeball this session will show the easy […]

Monday 8th January – Back to basics

For all those that got shiny new binoculars for Christmas or even a telescope or for those just starting out in astronomy, this session is to help you find your way around the night sky, identify constellations and patterns in the stars and remember them.  Finding your way around the sky is a skill that […]

Meeting Dates – January 2018

Meeting dates in January are scheduled for the 8th and 22nd. 

On the 8th Nick will be giving a talk on the series of “Basic Topics”. The annual combined Societies party bash (AAS, Usk AS and HoVAS) will be on Monday the 22nd in the Kings Head. 

Further info […]

Next Meeting : Monday 11th December, 2017

This meeting was cancelled due to the weather

At our next meeting we will be having mince pies & mulled wine to mark the season.

The topic will be  :  “Where has everything come from?” We already know where little boys and little girls come from – slugs & snails : sugar & spice – […]

Last Meeting 13th November

A good session last Monday, when Nick highlighted key facts about our nearest star, the Sun.  The “News of the Month” presentation has been put on the “Downloads” page. HERE

Artist impression of the dust clouds around Proxima Centauri  :  credit ESO/M Kommesser

One question that generated discussion but no definitive answer related to […]

Neutron Star Collisions – Where Gold, Platinum & other heavy elements are made

The LIGO-Virgo Collaboration plus leaders of telescope project teams gave an interesting press conference today in Washington.

It was to announce the results of the Gravitational Wave that was detected on the 17th August (GW170917).  This latest detection was noted at our meeting last Monday.  It turns out that this event was the merger of […]

Next Meeting – Monday 23rd Oct. “The Dynamic Universe”

Andy Newsam, (Prof of Astronomy Education & Engagement, Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool; Director of National Schools’ Observatory; ESERO-UK Space Ambassador) will give a talk about “The Dynamic Universe”

The Universe is a dynamic, ever-changing place full of extremes. From black holes to asteroids, massive exploding stars to elusive distant planets, every part of the Universe […]

Matters from the Discussion Group 9th Oct.

There weren’t many who could make Monday evening’s session but it was very lively none the less.

The “News of the Month” that was presented at the meeting  has been posted on the “Downloads” page HERE

One question that came up, but wasn’t answered, concerned the analysis of the LIGO data.  Basically “How do we […]

Notes for Meeting Monday 9th Oct. : Black Holes and Dark Matter

I have posted brief notes for tomorrow’s meeting on the downloads page  HERE  Feel free to expand/correct these thoughts.  I won’t be upset!

I have just checked the Links on the Notes and they don’t appear to be working.  So, as I haven’t got time to check them out now they are repeated below:

SOME […]