Next meeting of Abergavenny Astronomy Society, 7:30, 25th September

The next meeting of the Society will be on Monday 25th September 2023 at 7:30pm. As usual we will be upstairs in the Hen and Chickens Pub in Abergavenny, Flannel St, NP7 5EG.

We will be looking at the autumn sky and what can be seen with basic equipment or simply by eye. The talk is aimed at absolute beginners although there will be things to interest the more experienced observers.

All welcome whatever your level of experience or knowledge

Next Meeting : Monday 26th June

As Usual upstairs in the Hen & Chicks, Abergavenny at 7:30pm.
Tony will be giving a short presentation on Patrick Moore marking his 100th anniversary and Nick will talk about Robert Ball, the 19th Century equivalent of Patrick Moore.
Should be an interesting session. 
It is also the last session before our 2 month summer break so do come along listen, ask any questions you wish and have a chat.  Everyone is very welcome.

Reminder-Next meeting on Monday

Couple of changes to the meeting on the 22nd, 7:30pm, upstairs in the Hen & Chicks.
Neither Nick nor Carol will be able to make it so the AGM should be over very quickly – Just me to present the reports prepared by Nick & Carol.
It should be a varied and interesting evening but, as Nick will not be there, another of our keen observers, Andrew Lohfink, will be presenting the best things to look forward to for the next month.

Look forward to seeing you there, all are welcome.

Next Meeting : Monday 22nd May

7:30pm; Upstairs in the Hen & Chicks, Abergavenny

This month we will have a number of different, short topics.

First, as we haven’t had an AGM for 3 years it is felt that we should have one now.  Not much has happened since COVID so it shouldn’t be long and it does give the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and make suggestions.  Shouldn’t take more than 30 mins (hopefully)

After that Tony Parton-Frost will give a talk on the amateur astronomer Patrick Moore CBE, celebrating 100 years since his birth.

Next we can explore the ESA and NASA missions to Jupiter’s moons, the Juice mission was launched on the 14th April.  We can discuss what the objectives are and why Jupiter’s moons.

Lastly, if we have time, Nick will outline the sky in May and what we might see at this time of year.

Anyone interested is welcome so come along and have your input or just listen.  We are not even charging at the moment!

Next Meeting 24th April: Has JWST really seen the first stars?

Back in January Quanta Magazine (LINK) had an article entitled

“Astronomers Say They Have Spotted the Universe’s First Stars”

We will explore the evidence for this claim and also look at: what are the first stars – known as Population III stars, why are they different, when did they form, are there any around now, what’s the difference between them and our Population I Star.

Come along and contribute your thoughts and questions.  Usual time and place:-

7:30pm, Monday 24th April, upstairs in the Hen & Chickens, Flannel St, Abergavenny NP7 5EG

Planetarium Show Abergavenny 15th April

A reminder that next Saturday we will be hosting the Usk Planetarium in St Michael’s Centre, Pen-y-pound, Abergavenny, from 1pm to 5pm.
If you haven’t had the chance to see the new and improved Usk Planetarium then this is your chance –  it’s well worth it.
Entrance to the hall is free but there is a small charge of £1 for the Planetarium show, tickets can be obtained on Eventbrite .  
As well as the show it is intended to have some meteorites on show, an opportunity to ask about buying or using a telescope/binoculars and, if the weather permits, a chance to look at the sun through a solar telescope.

Further details on the 14th March AAS website post