Next Meeting 7:30pm, Monday 27th Nov

Martin Griffiths BSc, MSc, FRAS

Martin Griffiths, BSc, MSc, FRAS
Will be talking on the topic:-

Mars – A typical planet for Life?

There are currently 10 missions exploring Mars, 2 surface rovers looking for signs of life, 1 helicopter and 7 in orbit.  The Chinese rover, Zhurong, is not active at the moment.
As Spock is alleged to have said; “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”.
Along with the current interest in a manned mission that is being developed it seems like an opportune time to look at Mars in a bit more detail.

There will be a buffet provided for the season so, if you have not yet done so perhaps you can let me know if you are coming so Carol can organise for numbers.
Usual place, upstairs in the Hen & Chicks.

Advance Notice – November meeting

The next meeting is on Mon 27th Nov at 7:30pm

There will be a talk by Martin Griffiths.  Some of you may know Martin as he has visited us before.  Martin is a professional astronomer and communicator, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a prolific author and is involved in Dark Skies Wales and Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Initiative.
Also, as proposed at the October meeting, there will be a light buffet available which will be subsidised by the Society.
To celebrate the season we are also extending an invitation to members of the Usk and HoV Societies.

In order to organise the buffet we need to have an idea of numbers.  So, if you are going to be coming along could you reply to me at

Oct Meeting

Great turnout and discussion on “The Oort Cloud” at this weeks meeting (23rd).

In case anyone is interested I have uploaded a pdf copy of the presentation slides onto the web site. LINK

There is a lot of info on the internet but one YouTube video I watched, “Unveiling the Oort Cloud“ by a Dr Nora Bailey, is quite straightforward.  LINK

Next Meeting is scheduled for the 4th Monday of November, the 27th. Topic will be advised later.
Hope to see everyone there.

Next Meeting 23rd October

The next meeting will be on Monday 23rd October at 7:30pm.  (Apologies for the mess up last month) 
Usual place, the upstairs room at the Hen & Chicks, Abergavenny.

The topic for discussion will be “The Oort Cloud”, that sphere of rubble etc., dating from the formation of the solar system, that is thought to surround us.

The Oort Cloud
The Solar System inc. Oort Cloud

Questions that we may consider:-
What is the Oort Cloud,
Who came up with the idea and why,
Is it real,
How and when did it form,
What effect does it have on us now,
What could happen in the future?

Come along and have your “two penny’s worth”.  All views, opinions, questions and maybe answers welcomed!

See you there.

Next Meeting : Monday 26th June

As Usual upstairs in the Hen & Chicks, Abergavenny at 7:30pm.
Tony will be giving a short presentation on Patrick Moore marking his 100th anniversary and Nick will talk about Robert Ball, the 19th Century equivalent of Patrick Moore.
Should be an interesting session. 
It is also the last session before our 2 month summer break so do come along listen, ask any questions you wish and have a chat.  Everyone is very welcome.