Our inaugural meeting was on the 8th Nov 2010 and we officially formed in Feb 2011.
AAS holds monthly meetings, often with guest speakers.

All guests are welcome!
No knowledge necessary, just a curious mind.

We are able to provide assistance with setting up your telescope or just helping to find your way around the night sky.

We host discussions on subjects as varied as "finding your way around the sky" to "Dark Energy".

Come along and get a new perspective on the universe in which you live!



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Naked eye Comet 2020 F3 (NEOWISE)

Comet 2020 F3 (NEOWISE) is one of  the brightest naked eye comets we have seen from this part of the world for some years.  In the past couple of weeks it has been delighting amateur photographers as a pre-dawn object but for the night-owls (as opposed to the early birds) you will be pleased to know it is now easily observable in the evening sky (weather permitting of course).  Start to look in darkish twilight i.e. around 11 pm, just as the stars are emerging.  Look a little way above the horizon in a north-west to north direction (you need a reasonable north horizon) and you should be able to spot it quite easily.  It will be available for the next couple of weeks but it is getting dimmer now so will get harder to see, although binoculars show it even more easily.  Being quite bright it is also easy to photograph.  For good results make sure your camera is steady, for example on a tripod.  Use an ISO of around 800 to 1000 and an exposure of around 4 seconds with your lowest f number, you may need to experiment a bit.  The picture below was taken from my garden in Abergavenny on the 16th July with a compact camera.  Happy comet hunting and fingers crossed for some clear skies.

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