Good Evening on the 27th

We had a great turnout for the AAS, UskAS and HOVAS get together in the Hen & Chickens. Thanks to all those who turned up, hope you had a good evening and also hope we can keep the momentum up in 2024.

Martin Griffiths gave a talk about Mars : Life – Fiction – Fact – Robots etc. I enjoyed it and it seemed to go down well. Suffice to say that Martin seemed to be a bit frustrated at sending more robotic missions to investigate what we already know and is waiting for engineers, biologists (and people with shovels to dig a few holes more than 8cm deep) to visit.

For the future are there any topics that people would be interested in hearing about, or would like to give a short talk/introduction on? Suggestions are more than welcome. If you fancy giving it a go but are a little shy don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert, we will give any help that is necessary and the attendees don’t bite.

Again, great to meet up with everyone, enjoy the festive season and I look forward to meeting up again in 2024.

Oct Meeting

Great turnout and discussion on “The Oort Cloud” at this weeks meeting (23rd).

In case anyone is interested I have uploaded a pdf copy of the presentation slides onto the web site. LINK

There is a lot of info on the internet but one YouTube video I watched, “Unveiling the Oort Cloud“ by a Dr Nora Bailey, is quite straightforward.  LINK

Next Meeting is scheduled for the 4th Monday of November, the 27th. Topic will be advised later.
Hope to see everyone there.

Next Meeting 23rd October

The next meeting will be on Monday 23rd October at 7:30pm.  (Apologies for the mess up last month) 
Usual place, the upstairs room at the Hen & Chicks, Abergavenny.

The topic for discussion will be “The Oort Cloud”, that sphere of rubble etc., dating from the formation of the solar system, that is thought to surround us.

The Oort Cloud
The Solar System inc. Oort Cloud

Questions that we may consider:-
What is the Oort Cloud,
Who came up with the idea and why,
Is it real,
How and when did it form,
What effect does it have on us now,
What could happen in the future?

Come along and have your “two penny’s worth”.  All views, opinions, questions and maybe answers welcomed!

See you there.

Next meeting of Abergavenny Astronomy Society, 7:30, 25th September

The next meeting of the Society will be on Monday 25th September 2023 at 7:30pm. As usual we will be upstairs in the Hen and Chickens Pub in Abergavenny, Flannel St, NP7 5EG.

We will be looking at the autumn sky and what can be seen with basic equipment or simply by eye. The talk is aimed at absolute beginners although there will be things to interest the more experienced observers.

All welcome whatever your level of experience or knowledge

Next Meeting : Monday 26th June

As Usual upstairs in the Hen & Chicks, Abergavenny at 7:30pm.
Tony will be giving a short presentation on Patrick Moore marking his 100th anniversary and Nick will talk about Robert Ball, the 19th Century equivalent of Patrick Moore.
Should be an interesting session. 
It is also the last session before our 2 month summer break so do come along listen, ask any questions you wish and have a chat.  Everyone is very welcome.