Our inaugural meeting was on the 8th Nov 2010 and we officially formed in Feb 2011.
AAS holds monthly meetings, often with guest speakers.

All guests are welcome!
No knowledge necessary, just a curious mind.

We are able to provide assistance with setting up your telescope or just helping to find your way around the night sky.

We host discussions on subjects as varied as "finding your way around the sky" to "Dark Energy".

Come along and get a new perspective on the universe in which you live!



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Going globular!

It goes without saying that for the time being our regular meetings are cancelled but that is no reason to stop stargazing.  Spring is the time for amateurs to observe galaxies, as they are particularly well placed in the southern sky at this time of year.  However galaxies do need a bit of experience to find and a telescope with a reasonably large aperture.  On the other hand the globular clusters are just coming into their own and can be found with the most basic of binoculars.  If you are fortunate enough to own a telescope they are truly marvellous.  Globular clusters are possibly the most mysterious and enigmatic denizens of our galaxy.  Because they are reasonably bright they can found quite easily even with some light pollution.  The document below explains how you can find 5 of the best globular clusters.   It should also help you to get started on “star-hopping” – using various star patterns and asterisms to locate objects in the sky that you cannot see by eye alone.  If you have no optical aids at all it will help you to learn the constellations of the spring sky. So next time it is clear get out in the garden or even out of a window and try to find yourself a globular cluster.


1 comment to Going globular!

  • Tony Parton-Frost

    These stargazing articles are brilliant for beginners like me – thank you very much for taking the time to produce these – I will be out looking on the next clear night!
    PS Venus and the moon together were very good last night – just discovered there is a guy called Brian who lives near me in Gilwern, who is a AAS member!
    Happy days

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