Our inaugural meeting was on the 8th November 2010 and we officially formed in February 2011.
AAS holds monthly meetings, often with guest speakers.

All guests are welcome!
No knowledge necessary, just a curious mind.

We are able to provide assistance with setting up your telescope or just helping to find your way around the night sky.

AAS is able to host discussions on subjects as varied as Dark Energy through to 'How dark is your sky'.

Come along and get a new perspective on the universe in which you live!



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Monday 12th Nov. Next Meeting

The next meeting is next Monday evening, 12th November.  Usual time and place, 7:30pm at the Kings Head, Abergavenny.

It will be a “chat round the table” session.  No fixed agenda, but an open meeting.  However, there are a number of topics that I have read about over the last month, see below.

Mission Updates:-
Hubble Space telescope; BepiColombo (Mercury); New Horizons (Kuiper Belt); Kepler space telescope 

Solar System:-
Formation & history; Planet X (more evidence?); Oumuamua (visitor to the solar system); Mars (water)

Milky Way spiral arms; the Milky Way’s super massive black hole; what stops star formation; Exoplanets; Hi to our neighbours(should we turn the “porch light” on?)

Early star formation (like 13 billion years old and in the Milky Way); Colliding black holes

I will provide some information on these subjects so, if there is anything that catches your eye come along and we can explore it together.  We can cover as many or as few of these headings as we want but, if there is any other topic you would like to mention please do come along and throw it into the mix.

See you Monday.

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