Our inaugural meeting was on the 8th November 2010 and we officially formed in February 2011.
AAS holds monthly meetings with guest speakers.

All guests are welcome!
No knowledge necessary, just a curious mind.

We are able to provide assistance with setting up your telescope or just helping to find your way around the night sky.

AAS is able to host discussions on subjects as varied as Dark Energy through to 'How dark is your sky'.

Come along and get a new perspective on the universe in which you live!



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Next Meeting 12th June @ 7:30pm

The next meeting is a Cosmology Discussion group.  The topics will be

1)  Recent news stories – around 6 items,
2)  Cosmic Inflation  –  What is it and why is it necessary
This is the theory that the universe underwent a massive expansion in the first micro second after the Big Bang.

I have put some brief notes together that may be of use, NOTES.

In addition there are a couple of you tube videos that may be of interest,
1) Why is the universe flat (5:46)and
2) Space and Time Cosmic Inflation (2:35)

Usual time & place, 7:30pm at The Kings Head.

Come along and share your opinions and knowledge with us, I’m sure we will all learn something new.  All welcome

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